The PRIPARE consortium has established and maintains connections with a number of other projects. This wider network includes:



WITDOM is a project to produce a framework for end-to-end (E2E) protection of data in untrusted and fast evolving ICT-based environments. WITDOM puts particular focus on data-outsourcing scenarios, where new threats, vulnerabilities and risks arising due to new uses require end-to-end security solutions that will withstand progress for the lifetime of applications they support.

WITDOM is leveraging PRIPARE’s methodology and approaches to ensure that all aspects of the system engineering process are covered from a multidisciplinary view. While Co-Creation will focus on the functional aspects of the system and the interaction with all the stakeholders involved, PRIPARE will ensure that all security and privacy issues are early-identified and addressed during the whole lifecycle of both, the system and the sensitive data. WITDOM’s Requirements analysis for un-trusted environments includes a specific chapter addressing the integration of PRIPARE with the Co-Creation methodology into the process that has been and will be followed by WITDOM.



The main goal of the MoveUs project is to design, implement, pilot, evaluate, disseminate and exploit a number of novel ICT tools for smart mobility in the context of smart cities, directly addressing real users’ needs while promoting a habit-change in their daily lives.
PRIPARE is collaborating with MoveUs by providing a multidisciplinary assessment to their privacy and security by design process, measures and architecture.