Defining security and privacy-by-design

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Support to other projects

PRIPARE intends to support other projects in evaluating their data protection needs and integrating appropriate protection mechanisms into their architecture. If you would like to express your interest in collaborating with PRIPARE, please fill in the following form. The information you provide in the form will help us identify interesting collaboration partners, understand the intended nature of personal data processing in relation to your project, and identify the challenges that your project might face with respect to privacy protection. Based on this information, we will conduct a selection process and then contact the selected partner projects to discuss next steps. Due to limited project resources, we may not be able to establish an in-depth collaboration with every interested project. However, by expressing your interest, we will keep you informed about PRIPARE’s progress, share relevant documents with you, including training material, and will invite you to our data protection training seminar.

We will use the information provided to us only for the purpose of this selection process and will not disclose it to any other third party beyond project partners.