Following is a brief overview of the work packages (WPs) into which the work of PRIPARE is organised. The public deliverables of each WP are listed, and a downloadable version of each document will be available when it is completed.

WP1: Defining PRIPARE Methodology

Work package partners will consolidate the concepts of privacy-by-design into an initial methodology and process reference model for systematically incorporating PbD in ICT software engineering approaches. The reference model will emphasize the assessment of end-to-end privacy and security issues in the analysis and design phase of ICT systems, making sure the approach followed considers core principles of PbD philosophy (proactive, by default, embedded, user-centric/friendly, verifiable) in a positive-sum manner which also encompasses the management of the entire lifecycle of information.  Core deliverables from WP1 include:

WP2: Best Practices

This work package will draw from WP1 and focus on best practices which (1) are based on the methodology and (2) are helpful to the RTD projects of this call (which address cyber security and privacy in the following technology area: cloud computing, mobile services and the management of cyber incidents). Resulting deliverables include:

WP3: Training and Related Liaison

This work package comprises tasks and activities that include identifying prime partners from amongst EU research projects, designing and organizing a training seminar that integrates the results of WP1 (methodology), WP2 (best practices), and WP4 (educational material), and providing the training to members from academia, research projects, and industry during the training seminar. Deliverables will include:

WP4: Educational Material

Provide information and reference material for the general public, ICT educators, policy makers, and governmental and non-governmental bodies acting for human rights protection, including the specification of educational material, preparation of education material for the general public, practitioners, and ICT students. In addition, the WP will include the preparation of information and reference material for policy makers and governmental and non-governmental bodies acting for human rights protection. Deliverables include:

WP5: Gaps and Recommendations

Privacy-preserving ICT systems must be designed in compliance with the legal, social, organisational, economical, technical, ethical and policy dimensions and this usually requires a multi-disciplinary approach in the different phases of engineering and deployment cycles. However, it is common for advances in these areas to be performed independently or without sufficient integration and mutual understanding, resulting in requirements imposed by laws and policies not being well aligned with the technical solutions developed by industry and the necessities and expectations of our society. The overall goal of this work package is to identify typical discrepancies arising in these areas and provide recommendations to facilitate the integration of innovations occurring in academic and industrial environments feed future relevant policy initiatives in the area of privacy, as well as making sure that the strategy defined by the EU policy makers are accounted for by researchers and developers. The deliverables produced by WP5 include:

WP6: Liaison and Dissemination

This WP will include tasks to aim at increasing the value of the work of PRIPARE by establishing an effective liaison with industry representatives, policy makers, advocacy groups, and others within and beyond Europe, and to ensure involvement of PRIPARE in clustering activities. In addition, this WP includes tasks and activities related to the overall dissemination effort of the project, identifying and connecting with stakeholders, encouraging support for the consortium’s recommendations, and enhancing the use and awareness of PRIPARE’s work through broad dissemination. Core deliverables include the project’s website and forum, and internally distributed reports that outline the performance against dissemination objectives:

WP7: Management

WP7 comprises all the tasks performed to provide overall project administration support for the PRIPARE project, including those related to managing support action workshops, managing financial and overall project reporting to the EC, and to actively manage links with external projects.