The following list highlights EC projects in the area of privacy-by-design and links to other resources in this area from regulators and industry.

EC Projects

PARIS: PrivAcy pReserving Infrastructure for Surveillance

The goal of the FP7 project PARIS is to define and demonstrate a methodological approach for the development of a surveillance infrastructure, which enforces the right of citizens for privacy, justice and freedom. At the same time, it takes into account the evolving nature of such rights, since aspects that are acceptable today might not be acceptable in the future. It also includes the social and ethical nature of such rights, since the perception of such rights varies over time and in different countries.

PRESERVE: PREparing SEcuRe V2x communication systEms

The goal of the FP7 project PRESERVE is to bring secure and privacy-protected vehicle communication closer to reality by providing and field testing a security and privacy subsystem for vehicle communication systems. It is based on the results of the FP7 projects SeVeCom, EVITA, and PRECIOSA.

PIAF: Privacy Impact Assessment Framework

The goal of the FP7 project PIAF is to encourage the EU and its Member States to adopt a progressive privacy impact assessment policy as a means of addressing needs and challenges related to privacy and to the processing of personal data.

SeVeCom: Secure Vehicular Communication

SeVeCom is an EU-funded project that focuses on providing a full definition and implementation of security requirements for vehicular communications.

EVITA: E-safety vehicle intrusion protected applications

The goal of the FP7 project is to design, verify, and prototype, an architecture for automotive on-board networks where security-relevant components are protected against tampering and sensitive data are protected against compromise.

Other resources